Lutheran Church of the Cross of Bismarck, North Dakota, where you will find a welcoming environment with friendly faces and meaningful worship experience. We are a participating member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Please take some time to see what we’re all about. Get to know this wonderful church and make some friends along the way!

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An Offering Mediation for You Today

(Source: Faithful, Hopeful Loving stewardship resource published by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center in partnership with the Center for Faith and Giving.) There are few things that motivate us to action like seeing an instance of gross injustice or wanton cruelty. Yet we live in a world where these very things are increasingly woven into the fabric of life.
In many ways, we have become accustomed to them. We shrug our shoulders and think, “Well, I can’t do anything about it.” Thus, we sink deeper into the quicksand of the status quo were the rich grind the faces of the poor and the strong trample the rights of the weak. We could wond3er if it
makes any difference in our world when people gather to sing and pray and give and receive each Sunday. Let us imagine today that it does make a difference – God knows it, and in the heart of our hearts, we know it too. Part of that difference comes from our giving to support the ministries of our
church and our outreach ministries.
Some questions for you to ponder or use as conversation starters:  Acknowledging it is not just what we can do, it is also how we can be, ask yourself: Can I be more loving, caring, and attentive? Can I be a better listener? How can I tune in better to the
needs of others? What gifts do you have that you can add to the work of Christ? What can you do in your church
or community to show God’s love?


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Altar Focus for October – Fresh Start Kits for Heart River Bridges of Hope

We normally collect school supplies as our Altar Focus for September. Because things were so different this year, we paused that effort – but some of you brought them anyway. We thank you! The Abused Adult Resource Center received those items, to help children start...

Did you know….?

Did you know that LCC posts weekly announcements and service bulletins on our streaming page for you prior to each broadcast service? If not, check out this week's bulletin and announcements at the top of our Website Streaming page at this link....

Church School Start Dates revised

Church School start dates are Sunday, October 4 and Wednesday, October 7. Revised as of 8.18.20

Wednesday Worship

Wednesday Worship is set to start October 7 at 6:15. There will be no meal ahead of time.

Sunday Services available online!

Sunday Services can still be joined through our website live stream and Facebook page. Bulletins for the weekly announcements and Sunday are also be available on the stream online page. Please check the stream online page to see the the time for the next broadcast.

Online Offering Is Available

Contributions to the General Fund or the Building Fund can be debited automatically from your checking or savings account. Contributions may also be made by using a Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card. Our new electronic offering program offers convenience for you and...

Book Club is starting again!

With special care, the book club will be starting back up again in November. For the sake of attendees, if you are interested in participating, contact Connie in the front office at 223-1001. November - AMERICAN DIRT     by Jeanine Cummins December...

Video Message from Bishop Craig Schweitzer

New challenges related to COVID-19 will face our churches as we move from the summer season into fall. Watch and share this video from Bishop Craig Schweitzer as we prepare and enter into fall in the midst of this pandemic. https://vimeo.com/456026362...

Church Office Hours!

The church office will be open 8am to 4pm Monday through Thursday and 8am to noon on Fridays for drop in visits, assistance and all your church needs.

Protocol for Reopening LCC In-person Worship

Physical Measures Doors will be propped open to outside, to sanctuary, to bathrooms. If not windy, also doors in sanctuary to the outside. Bathrooms, doorknobs, music stands & equipment, pulpit, altar, sound booth, light switches, and surfaces in multipurpose...

2020 Church Council

Krisi Kunz, President Heather Martin, Vice President Jon Hanson, Secretary Kylie Blanchard Mark Kunze Ron Borth

Who we are

We started as a home mission congregation…

of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1955. Trinity Lutheran Church of Bismarck acted as the sponsoring congregation. The first services were held in the current building on the 11th of March, 1956, and the rest is history.