Newsletters and Flyers

We will post our monthly newsletter, The CrossWord, and special event announcements on this page each month. You will be able to view the newsletter and print it for your use. Contact the church office if you would rather view and print from the website, and not have a copy of the newsletter sent to you.

If you have any ideas or suggestions or would like an article submitted for the CrossWord, please contact Connie in the church office. The deadline for submitting articles is the 18th of each month.

Discover the latest interactive edition of the LCC Newsletter, The CrossWord, available for viewing by clicking the provided button!

If you prefer the print edition or are looking for content from the past year, simply select the print edition option below. For older versions of the CrossWord, the Archive page is available. Thank you for your visit!

Flyers On The Go!

Hi! There are currently no flyers to review.  Check back again later to see if we’ve added anything.  Thanks!

Most files are Adobe PDF format, however, there are some that are Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher.

If you do not have either of those programs and would like to view those files, please contact us and we can send the converted file to you.

Church members interested in obtaining a copy of the Council minutes should contact the front office.  Thanks!