At worship you often hear me thank you for your generosity.  We are grateful!  Our many ministries here at LCC and those we support in the community and wider world could not do it without you!  Here are some ways you can give at and through LCC.  Choose which fit your lifestyle best!

Offering envelopes:  These are found on the oak cabinet in the narthex, far right side (or ask treasurer Art Wheeler, if they are gone).  You can put cash or checks in these and as long as your name is on it (or Art is aware of your envelope number), your offering will be recorded for you.

Online:  we use Vanco for our other forms of giving.  All the options are linked, so you can give through any of the following ways and they will all be recorded for you.  Art send statements a couple of times per year.

Website:  you can easily set up an online giving account on our website – then you don’t have to do it each time you go online.  You can also set recurring gifts if you like, and choose various funds to give to, through the website.

Vanco Mobile App:  you can download the Vanco Mobile app on your phone.  This will link to the same account, if you’ve set one up on the website, or you can give only through the app if you like.  Just make sure to choose OUR Lutheran Church of the Cross, as there are others!

Text:  You can also give by text!  I know – the world these days!  Many people no longer carry cash – but almost everyone carries their smart phone.  So, you can use the Vanco Mobile app, OR you can simply send a text to our dedicated number:  701969-7030.  Just put a number in the message – 20 if you’d like to give $20, etc.  It will prompt you to sign in or set up a Vanco account (which would have your credit, debit or checking account number, which is where the money would come from in any of these cases – all safely encrypted, of course.  This is the same account used for the other methods.).  You can test this by giving a $1 donation, say, and if you find it simple – maybe this will be your choice for giving!