For many years, faithful volunteers have opened the church on Sunday mornings. While this task takes about 20 minutes, it is important to the function of the church and Sunday services, and it needs to be done each week. LCC’s long-time Sunday Church Openers are ready to pass this task on to a new volunteer or volunteers, and we need your help to fill this position as soon as possible. This position could be held by a number of volunteers, so one individual doesn’t have to commit to every Sunday.  

The Sunday Church Opener unlocks the west/east entry doors by 8:15 a.m. each Sunday. Depending on the season, this may also require some light leaf or snow removal right at the entry doors when unlocking. The inside opening duties include turning on the sanctuary lights, the master power switch for the sound booth, and the air conditioners (summertime), as well as starting the water pump for the baptism fountain. The last task (which may be argued as one of the most important) is to make coffee and get the urns to the serving table and plugged in, so they are ready for fellowship time following the service.

Volunteers will be trained in the Sunday church opening duties prior to taking on this important task. Please call the church office at 223-1001 or let Pastor Lisa or Art Wheeler know if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.