We are looking to add to our production team! These are the folks in the booth at the back of the church who make worship run smoothly and make it available to watch at home and at another time. More volunteers mean more availability to rotate, so the same folks don’t need to be here all the time. Bonus: upgrades to our equipment and software have simplified the jobs!

There are three parts involved: projection, which is advancing the program so that worshippers can follow the liturgy and songs on the screens in the sanctuary and at home; livestream, which is using the cameras to follow the service in the sanctuary for others to follow from away; and sound, which is working the soundboard to keep all the microphones in use balanced and at proper levels. Even complete novices can learn these easily. We are hoping to train several new volunteers – won’t you join us? Wednesdays and Sunday positions are needed for projection and livestreaming. We want to livestream the beautiful Holden Advent series in December.

In addition, we would like to add more ushers to our team. With COVID, some are unable to come in person. If you are willing, this is another job that is simple but oh so important. Let the church office know that you will help: 223-1001 or churchsecretary@midconetwork.com.