This project will technically continue until Easter – April 9th. Once again, we will be collecting donations for our sister church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Central African Republic (CAR). You can pick up a tube of mini-M & Ms at the back of the church throughout Lent (although they are quite expensive and can’t be sourced locally, so please guide your younger family members in not grabbing multiple tubes). The M & Ms are, of course, delicious, and the tube makes a perfect little “bank” – it will hold $14 in quarters, or rolled up bills or checks, or other change as well. Once you’ve enjoyed your treat of M & M’s, please fill up the tube with your offering of choice for CAR and drop it in the offering plate. It’s so exciting to watch the tubes re- turn! Your gifts help fund roofs for schools and salaries for teachers, a women’s center, motorbikes to help pastors and evangelists travel around the rough territory, and a clinic.

All of these are immensely helpful in a country torn by war. In 2020, we as a congregation were able to send $1000 to help CAR. In 2021, it increased by 50% to $1,521.86! 2022 saw gifts of around $1800! How much can we do this year? Thank you for your generosity! There are colorful pamphlets with some information about the CAR on the table in the narthex.