We have many tools to help Bible stories come alive for us: maps, study guides, commentaries, different translations. But nothing brings more aha! moments and enhances understanding better than traveling to the places and getting to know the context that surround and shape the story. Pastor Lisa will be leading a group to Greece and Turkey, to some of the places where Paul preached and ministered, from March 18-29, 2025. You will visit Thessaloniki, Philippi, the Meteora monasteries, Delphi, Athens, a 4-day cruise excursion taking us to Mykonos, Ephesus (Turkey), Patmos, Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini; and Corinth, before returning to Athens for departure. Full information is available now; let Pr. Lisa know if you are interested in hearing more about it or know someone who might like to go.