Last year LCC church school kids used Peeps – you know, those brightly colored marshmallow-like animals which appear in all the stores in spring – to create fun bible-themed dioramas (the peeps became characters, dressed up by the young artists). Kids and parents all had fun and the displays were fun to check out.

This year, the week of March 26th will bring more peep dioramas as the church school kids get ready for Easter! Church schools for Sunday March 26th (9:15am) and Wednesday March 29th (7pm) will get another chance to wow us with their translation of bible verse into a recreated scene using Peeps, boxes, glue and construction paper and ways we couldn’t have imaged.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting an open diorama-pizza-eating mid-day fun time for kids of all ages just because this is soooo much fun! Hope to see you there!