Carrie Kids; Altar Focus for December Carrie Kids will be the Altar Focus for the month of December., It may seem early to be having this article in the November CrossWord, but with early store or online sales it was thought it was worthwhile to inform you now. A Christmas tree will be set up in the narthex around Thanksgiving with jean ornaments listing the sizes of K –6th grade boys. Jeans are the primary focus with other items such as socks and underwear would be greatly appreciated.

Our second altar focus for December is Good Gifts, which is a program of our de-nomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We have catalogs available on the table by the fountain in the narthex, and ornaments on the small tree and a table in the narthex as well. You can choose something, make the appropriate donation to LCC and memo it “Good Gifts” (there are cute cards on the table for you to send the recipient as well), or you can do everything online at These gifts are great teaching tools for kids (who are excited to know how the honeybees, or goat, or chicks they have given will help a family across the world live better), and perfect for the person who has everything! There is something to suit everyone’s interests, from animals, to tuition, to counseling, to vaccinations, to plants and trees, and much, much more. Here’s a way to add meaning to your Christmas, and to someone else’s as well.