You may have read an editorial in the Bismarck Tribune that highlighted how many students in the Bismarck Public Schools are in need of warm clothing this year – a few hundred families! The BPS foundation is inviting donations of new or very lightly worn snow pants, parkas, water-resistant gloves, and snow boots especially. (hats and scarves will not be turned away) They are also asking for new water bottles, as each child must have their own, since during the pandemic the water fountains are all turned off. If it isn’t practical to go shopping, donations of money earmarked for this can be brought/sent to LCC (particularly if you want credit for the donation on your church statement) or made directly on the website It’s under the “featured initiatives” banner, and is called the Kids Kicks initiative.

The second half of our altar focus this month is the special project we all love, spearheaded by Shiela Mugaas in memory of her cousin. This is the collection of teddy bears for traumatized children. Some bears are already in the sanctuary, where we will pray over them and bless them before giving them to first responders to help in those tough moments of crisis. You are invited to bring a bear to join them! At the end of November the bears will be distributed.